Impressing God

Matthew 6: 1-4, 16-17 In the last year I have been exposed to several type of spiritual leaders. My work offers me this advantage. Some are just finding their way, while others are so experienced that preaching the gospel and building a strong organization is just like drinking water; it comes so easy. However, there … Continue reading Impressing God

You are Important

Editor’s Note: In God’s Eyes, You Rock! Hello, Welcome to this journal and blog issue. I know that summer is gearing up to greet us all with warmth, cool breezes, and green grass. The months of dryness and busyness we leave behind to experience new special moments ahead. For some of you who are stay … Continue reading You are Important

Heart Planting

It’s March already, and by now, historically, I usually have started my African vegetables. These are normally the hardy kind, like kale, collard greens and so forth; you get the picture. Yet, this year seems different. I mean my heart is in it; however, I feel as though I continue to give more of myself … Continue reading Heart Planting